80's Movie Quotes

Oh, say can you see….. By the dawn’s early light….. What so proudly we hail….. In the twilight’s last gleaming?….. Whose bright stripes and broad stars….. In the perilous night….. For the ramparts we watched….. uh, da-da-da-da-da-daaaa…..  And the rocket’s red glare….. Lots of bombs in the air….. Gave proof to the night….. That we still had our flag….. Oh say does that flag banner wave….. Over a-a-all that’s free….. And the home of the land….. And the land of the – FREE!Frank Drebin as Enrico Pollazzo singing the Star Spangled Banner.

***At the game the first Mariners batter called out on questionable strikes by umpire “Frank Drebin/Enrico Pollazzo”, was actually Jay Johnstone who was a professional baseball player in MLB for almost 20 years as an outfielder.

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