80's Movie Quotes

[Maria has disguised the airmen as waitresses, so Rene mimes to them
that they must not go upstairs with the Germans]
Flying Officer Carstairs: [turning to Fairfax] What was all that
Flying Officer Fairfax: I think he means that if Hitler comes in and
wants us to go upstairs with him, we’re not to go.
Flying Officer Carstairs: Is he like “that,” then?
Flying Officer Fairfax: Oh, yes.
Rene: [to the others] And they must not speak.
[Rene turns to the airmen and mimes that they must be silent]
Flying Officer Carstairs: What does that mean?
Flying Officer Fairfax: Well, if we do go upstairs with Hitler, we’re
not to tell anyone.
Flying Officer Carstairs: Well, it’s hardly the sort of thing you
boast about, is it.

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