80's Movie Quotes

Captain Briody: He’s got an undercover program. It’s the Mayor’s
baby. Nobody on the force knows about this except Silver Shields
and Up. It’s called Jump Street Chapel. Now the reason it’s called
that is because this particular undercover unit works out at an old
abandoned chapel on the corner of Jump Street and Sixth.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Not yet.
Captain Briody: Every year the department takes younger looking
officers. At least younger looking ones we think can handle the
pressure. Teach them how to be teenagers again. Then we send them
out to various high schools where we could use a good man
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Kinda like Fast Times at Bust Ya Buddy High?
Captain Briody: Kinda.
Off. Tom Hanson #2: Yeah. No, thanks. Y’see, I hated high school the
first, you know. Swimmin’ in gym class without trunks, health
films, not getting the girl you wanted because you’re not wearing
groovy enough shoes. And I don’t think I’d get off cutting some kid
for a spit ball at his chemistry teacher.
Captain Briody: I’ve had eleven homicides in high schools since

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