80's Movie Quotes

Officer Tom Hanson: Look, without Jenko this thing’s gonna be nothing
but Charlie’s Angels.
Captain Briody: Do you want to give me a break, Hanson, or do you
want to get back to that desk at headquarters?
Officer Tom Hanson: What I want is for the mayor to realize he just
can’t plug some new guy into a program like this. I mean, who’s
gonna run it? You?
Captain Briody: I don’t have the wardrobe. Adam Fuller. The guy’s a
Captain, transferred out of the sixteenth precinct. Before that he
was N.Y.P.D., spent eleven years undercover.
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Yeah, probably going to tell us he was in
Sirpicles graduating class.
Captain Briody: Look, you guys don’t have to like this, but you’re
signed on for professional police officers, and I expect you to act
like it.
Officer Harry Truman Ioki: Look, Captain, with all due respect, but
there is no way anyone is gonna take Jenko’s place.
Captain Adam Fuller: I have no intentions of taking Jenko’s place.

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