80's Movie Quotes

Officer Doug Penhall: Ey, where’s the money?
Bobby: What the heck are you talking about pretty boy?
Officer Doug Penhall: I’m talking about somebody who owes a hundred
and sixty dollars for all these pizzas.
Bobby: Hey, look man, what’s the matter with you? Come on, we’ve
taken over here!
Officer Doug Penhall: Ask me if I care. I want one sixty. If I don’t
get it, you guys go hungry.
Bobby: You better give me those pies, man.
Officer Doug Penhall: Forget it.
Ziggie Rothstein: Hey, Bobby. Yo, Bobby, what the heck is going on,
Bobby: Mick, come here. Give me a hand with this clown.
Officer Doug Penhall: Hey, essay?
Ziggie Rothstein: Essay? What are you crazy man? Hand over these
pizzas, come on.
Officer Doug Penhall: You might as well shoot me, ’cause Tony will if
I come back without the dough.
Bobby: Get inside. Come on, move! Move!

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