80's Movie Quotes

Officer Judy Hoffs: Lauren, I know there’s no house in Connecticut,
no horse, no father. I know what you’re doing.
Lauren Carlson: Let me tell you something. What I do is no different
to what every other woman winds up doing.
Officer Judy Hoffs: It’s a lot different. Most women don’t sell their
bodies, Lauren.
Lauren Carlson: Like heck they don’t. They just sell it for high
priced dinners, theatre tickets, mink coat, and maybe even a
wedding ring. All I’m doing is taking mine upfront, and in cash.
Officer Judy Hoffs: Is that what your Mom taught you?
Lauren Carlson: You leave my Mother out of this.
Officer Judy Hoffs: I have a feeling she’s a big part of this,
Lauren Carlson: Part of what? All I’m doing is taking care of my
family. No ones getting hurt.

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